How to Update the Look of Your Privacy Fence Using Marbles

21 September 2016
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Wooden privacy fences can be great for ensuring that your neighbors do not see everything that is going on in your yard. The only downfall to these fences is that they can sometimes have a bit of a drab look to them. If you have a wooden privacy fence calling around your backyard, consider using the guide that follows to learn how to make it a little bit more unique using marbles.

Determine How Many Marbles You Want to Use

The first thing you need to do is determine how many marbles you need to complete your project. You want to be sure that the marbles are spaced out so that they do not begin the overall structural integrity of the fencing. It is best to place only one or two marbles in each slat that makes up your fencing. Walk around your yard and count each of the slats that make up your fencing. Consider if you want to put marbles in each slat and then multiply the number of slots you want to contain marbles by a two to determine how many marbles you need. You can then go to a craft store and purchase the marbles for the fence.

Purchase a Hole Saw

Next, you need to go to a home improvement store to purchase a hole saw. A hole saw is a small device that hooks onto the end of a power drill. You want to be sure that you choose a hole saw that has a diameter that is slightly larger than the marbles that you want to place into the fencing.

Drill Holes into the Fence

Use a drill with a bit that is roughly ¼ inch in diameter. You will need to use the drill to drill holes into the fence at each location where you plan to place a marble. These will serve as your pilot holes when you start to use the hole saw. Once you have drilled holes in every place on the fence where you want to place a marble replace the drill bit with the holes saw. In the center of the hole saw, you will see a small bit. Place the bit directly into the hole that you drilled into the fence and then press the saw directly up against the wood. You want to be sure to keep the drill level at all times. Start off slow by pressing the trigger on the drill slightly and then once the hole saw has gone into the wood for roughly a ¼ inch you can then speed up the drill by depressing the trigger all the way.

Once you have finished drilling all of the holes, added a little bit of clear caulk on the inner edges of one of the holes and then slide a marble into the hole. You can then add a little more of the clear caulk behind the marble to hold it into place. Repeat the process with all the marbles to create the one-of-a-kind look you want to create.

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