Buying A Home With A Wooden Fence? 3 Ways To Maximize Its Lifespan

22 September 2016
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Some properties that you find on the market will be fairly bare bones, but others will have a slew of features that make it unique and highly desirable. A wooden fence is beneficial because it can give you privacy, protection, and improve the overall look of the property. Its lifespan may be partially determined by the type of wood used as some species are naturally stronger and more resilient to lasting damage. But, you should still do everything you can to maximize the fence's lifespan once you gain ownership.

Apply a Water-Repellent Preservative

Regardless of how well the fence looks like it has been maintained, you should take the initiative with preventive measures to make sure you do not end up experiencing problems early on. This step involves applying a water-repellent preservative that will stop things like board warping and water staining. The specific guidelines for applying this kind of preservative are actually quite stringent. It requires just the right setting and application method to ensure that the preservative is effective in the first place. So, instead of trying to get all of the right things to fall into place, you should rely on professional help.

Invest in Preventive Pest Control

There are lots of insects that feed on wood or use the interior as their home. It should be easy to tell whether the fence has been invaded by wood borers with visible signs like wood tunnels, eggs, and larvae. Even if you do not come across any signs that your fence has pest problems, a pest control professional who applies protection to your fence and property will be able to notice any clear warning signs.

Maintain the Landscape

A wooden fence can get damaged by constant exposure to moisture. Rainfall that gets on the fence will naturally dry over time, especially when it gets exposed to sunlight. But, you do not want plants or vines touching the wood as it can hold in moisture and keep the fence from drying in a particular area. It is important to keep up with trimming the nearby trees and bushes, and if certain bushes end up becoming a constant problem, you can either transport them to another area or remove them completely.

Wooden fences look great and add tons of functionality to your home, but you need to maintain them through the years to make sure you can continue enjoying the benefits they provide. Investing in these protective measures right after moving in will help you maximize the lifespan of the current fence. For more information, contact a fencing company like Gatlin Fence Company.