Putting Up A Wooden Fence In A Moist Environment

22 September 2016
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Wooden fencing has a classic look and can add security and privacy to your yard. However, it's downfall is that it is prone to rot – especially in areas where you get a lot of rain or where the humidity is consistently high. This doesn't mean you have to avoid wooden fencing if you live in a moist environment. Just follow these tips to fight the effects of moisture when installing and maintaining a fence.

Choose cedar wood.

There are many types of wood that can be used for fencing, but in a moist area, your best choice really is cedar. Cedar is naturally rot-resistant, so you won't have to worry about applying waterproofing solutions for the first few years. Its straight grain also means it is less prone to bending and warping when it gets wet, so your fence will maintain its look. Hardwoods like oak and maple are not a terrible choice in moist environments, though you will have to apply waterproof coatings more often. However, you must steer clear of pine. It's very porous and rot-prone, so a pine fence will probably only last a few years in a moist climate.

Surround the posts in concrete.

Securing the fence posts on concrete or gravel is important for fence stability in any climate. In a moist area, concrete tends to be a better choice since water can't seep through it as easily as it can gravel. If you're having a professional install your fence, check to ensure they use concrete not gravel before you hire them. If you're installing a fence alone, note that pouring concrete into post holes is not as hard as you might imagine. Just buy pre-mixed concrete and pour it into the hole around the fence post as a helper holds the fence post straight.

Keep up with waterproofing.

After a few years, the rot-resistant properties of cedar tend to fade, so brushing on a waterproof coating is a good extra preventative measure. If you chose a hardwood for your fence, do this from day one. Read the back of your waterproof coating. It will tell you how often to reapply. Most need to be brushed on once a year, but others can last for two years. Make sure you apply the product well before any rain is due so it has time to sink into the wood properly.

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