Want To Spruce Up Your Exterior? Changes You Can Make To Your Home

22 September 2016
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If you are tired of the way the outside of your home looks, there are many changes you can make to spruce things up. Below are five of these changes so you can decide if they are right for you.

Replace Your Stairs

If you have stairs outside that lead to your front door, replacing them with new stairs will make a big difference. Iron stairs with wrought iron railings adds elegance to your exterior. They are a great alternative to the standard concrete or wooden stairs.

There are many benefits of choosing iron stairs for your home including:

  • Durability: An iron staircase will last for years because of the durability. Iron is resistant to dents, warps, splits, and breakages.
  • Versatile: You have many design options with iron stairs because iron is a flexible material. This means it can be cut and welded to make your stairs curved, straight, or spiral.
  • Low in Maintenance: There is little maintenance required to keep iron stairs in good condition because heat, high humidity, or cold does not affect it. The only thing you need to do is wipe it down periodically with a damp cloth. There is no need for varnishing or sealing.

An iron staircase will add value to your home, which is beneficial if you plan to sell in the future. Contact a company that works with iron designs, like Lamonaca Iron Works Inc for more information.


If your exterior has not been landscaped in some time, this would be a great change for you to make. You can transform your yard by making only a few changes.

Add some flowers on your property, such as a flower garden, some flowers planted across the front of your home, or simply some pretty potted flower.

Flowers add color and beauty and this is something you can do on your own, if you prefer. Go to a garden center in your area and choose flowers that grow well where you live. Choose colors that go well with each other, such as yellow and orange, or pink, purple, and red.

Add a walkway that leads to a flower garden or other feature in your yard, such as a water fountain. You can make your own stepping stone pathway or use concrete pavers.

Hire a landscape contractor if you need any help. They can also give you other ideas on changes you can make.

There are many other things you can do to spruce up your exterior, such as painting your home, cleaning the driveway, and more.