3 Ideas To Give Your Home A Small Multi-Sport Batting Cage For Aspiring Athletes

26 September 2016
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If there are aspiring athletes in your home, you may want to consider creating a batting cage for practicing sports. Batting cages cannot only be used for things like baseball and softball, but they can also be useful for tennis, basketball, and many other sports. The batting cage does not have to be a giant 70 foot long cage, there are some smaller solutions that you may want to consider with the space you have. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider for batting cages at your home:

1. Creating A Half-Court Basketball Area That Is Completely Enclosed

There may be more than one sport that is played in your home. Maybe you have one child who plays basketball and another that plays baseball. You can create a solid surface and make the batting cage a half-court basketball area. This can be completely enclosed for a dual-purpose area for practicing sports. The surface can be a pavement or, if you want a more affordable solution, you may want to consider using a decking material for the surface of the basketball court. In addition, you can add artificial turn and a portable pitcher's mound for the baseball needs of the cage.

2. Building A Grassy Area With Enclosure For Baseball, Tennis, And More

Building a grassy enclosure can be good for dual sports like tennis and baseball. The surface does not have to be compact for playing baseball and other sports, but you may want to consider compacting the soil before planting grass for tennis. In addition, for playing tennis, you may want to consider cutting the grass to a low profile.

3. Creating An Open Ended Batting Cage For Practicing Batting And Pitching

If you are planning on practicing baseball or softball, having the amount of space needed may be a problem. To practice both pitching and batting, leave one end of the cage open. This can help ensure that you have the 70 feet you need between the pitchers mount and catchers box. When practicing batting, the distance will be shorter, but with open space outside of the cage, you will also be able to practice pitching. You may want a removable net here for this.

These are some ideas that you may want to consider to create a batting cage to practice sports in your home. If you are ready to build your own batting cage, contact a fencing contractor, such as those found at Watt Fencing, to help you build a solid enclosure for your project.