Four Bad Practices That Decrease Your Wooden Fence's Lifespan

27 September 2016
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Wooden fences are not cheap, so once you have your fence installed, it's worth your while to make sure it lasts! Sadly, many homeowners unknowingly engage in bad practices that compromise the integrity of their wooden fences and cause them to rot or break down prematurely. Don't suffer the same fate; learn from their mistakes rather than your own. Here's a look at four bad practices to avoid.

Getting the fence wet while you're watering.

Your fence gets wet often enough when it rains. Exposing it to moisture every time you water will just further increase the chances of rot; you may even rinse any waterproof sealer away prematurely so the fence isn't as well sealed when it does rain. Place your sprinklers carefully so they don't spray the fence. Consider installing a ground-surface irrigation system that drips water onto the ground rather than spraying it from above.

Letting the weeds at its base grow.

When you get behind on yardwork, one of the first things you might be tempted to skip is trimming the grass and weeds near the base of the fence. But this is actually one of the most important tasks to tackle. Weeds trap moisture against your fence, which could help encourage premature rotting. Insects also love moist wood, so failing to trim your weeds could lead to infestations that weaken the lumber as insects burrow inside of it. Make weed trimming a part of you weekly routine. Keep any shrubs near the fence trimmed up, too!

Letting the paint chip away before you re-paint.

Carpenter ants, termites, and wood bees will all take advantage and start chewing up a fence through small areas where the paint has chipped away. So, don't wait until your painted fence looks unsightly to repaint it. Tackle this task at the first sign of chipping. If your fence is not painted, be sure to apply the waterproof sealer as often as the container recommends. The sealer should also help deter insects as long as you keep a good layer in place.

Hanging heavy baskets on the fence.

The less weight on a fence, the better. Heavy hanging baskets may eventually cause the fence boards to which they are mounted to warp and crack. If you really want to hang flower baskets on your fence, make sure they are small, lightweight ones. Or set larger baskets near the base of your fence instead.

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