Installing A Security Gate? 3 Features That Mesh Perfectly With This Addition

29 September 2016
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Adding a fence that surrounds your entire property is a great way to feel more secure in your own home. But, you have to leave the driveway open so that you can park your vehicle there or inside the garage. You will also need to have somewhere for people to enter if they want to get to your front door. But, if you do not feel as secure as you would like to, or you just want to maximize your privacy, you should consider putting in a security gate to close the gaps and to prevent people from just walking inside. It is helpful to look into additions that go perfectly with such a feature to enhance your satisfaction.

Solar, Motion-Sensor Lighting

At night, you want to be able to see what is going on outside when someone enters the area. So, you should invest in solar lights because they can charge up throughout the day and give you light at night. Making sure they are motion-sensor will prevent them from running out of juice at night. It will also notify you when a person, animal, or vehicle gets close enough to your property as the lights will turn on. Setting up two lights, one on each side of the security gate is ideal for providing sufficient illumination.

Intercom System

If you want to communicate with people that may be at the gates, you should get an intercom system. This will prevent you from having to physically go outside when you have visitors. When the visitor is someone who does not have access to calling or texting you, they will appreciate this feature. The security benefits are incredible because you can speak to someone before exposing yourself by going outside. So, if something seems fishy, a viable option is to ask them to leave and then wait safely in your home.

Surveillance Cameras

To get an even better picture of the situation, you can add surveillance cameras to the entrance area. When you combine this with an intercom system and ample lighting, you will not only be able to hear what a visitor has to say, but you can also see what they look like and if they are doing anything sketchy. A set of two cameras with installation will run you around $870 to $1,000. This is a reasonable price to pay, especially when you plan on getting the other features that work so well with surveillance cameras. Some options are to install two cameras, one on each side to get a general view of the area. Another setup is to get one installed for an up-close look and another one far away for an overview of the security gate.

If you know you are going to install a security gate, you should consider investing in several more additions to improve your experience with adding such a feature to your property. Contact a company like F & W Fence Company, Inc. for more information.