Simple Tips To Help You Design A Great Dog Run

18 October 2016
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Adding a dog run to your backyard is a great way to ensure your dog has a safe, secure space to run and play outdoors. It frees you from having to supervise your furry friend for every moment that he is outside, too. Whether you're working with a contractor to build a dog run or tackling the entire task yourself, be sure to follow these tips for success.

Make sure the fence extends below ground.

Most dogs are diggers if given the chance. Unless you want to come outside to discover your dog has dug a hole under the fence and escaped, the best way to ensure your pet is safe is to install a fence that extends below ground. If you're using chain link fencing, just burying an extra two or three feet of fencing will do the trick. You can also have concrete poured in a trench that's dug just to the inside of the fenceline. Either way, when your dog starts digging and finds that he can't get below the fence, he will eventually give up.

Ensure the area offers some shade.

If your dog will have open access to the house through a dog door, then this is not quite as important, since he can come inside if he gets too hot. But if you ever plan on locking your dog in the dog run without indoor access, you need to ensure there's shade so he doesn't overheat. Try incorporating an area that's shaded by a tree into your dog run. If this is not feasible for your yard, you may want to install a large beach umbrella or add an awning to part of your house to generate some shade.

Ensure the area drains well.

Make sure the area you fence in is not one that gets overly wet. Otherwise, you'll constantly have a muddy dog. If your yard is wet in general, you may need to hire a landscaping service to come improve your drainage before your dog run is put up. They can dig a drainage ditch or install some drain tile to dry out the area where the dog run will be, enabling you to use the run on wet and rainy days.

To learn more about designing a great dog run, talk to a fencing company in your area, such as Citi Fence and Concrete. They can make recommendations for size and height based on your dog's unique requirements.