3 Advantages Of Wooden Fencing

14 April 2018
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Wood is one of the most versatile building materials for installations both inside and outside of your home, and its use as a fencing material is no exception. Fences that are constructed out of wood possess a number of distinctive advantages. Understanding what some of these advantages are can help you figure out if installing a wooden fence in your yard or garden is the right choice for your landscaping needs.

1. Customization

One of the greatest features of wood as a building material is the amount of functional and aesthetic customization that comes with it. Functionally, this means that you can have fencing posts and boards of a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses made, which means that your wooden fence can range in size and function from a small and thin decorative boundary around your flower beds to an eight foot tall security fence made of sturdy planks that can't be broken through by potential intruders.

Further, the variety of stains, finishes, and paints available means that you can customize your wooden fence to whatever aesthetic design that you want, but most notably, wood is unique among exterior building materials in that it can be easily refinished. Simply sanding down the surface of your fence means that you can apply a brand new coat of stain to newly exposed wood, restoring the existing fence to an as good as new condition.

2. Low Maintenance 

Another key consideration of wooden fences is that they are relatively low maintenance. While they are susceptible to rot and water damage, these will only occur if your stain or finish wears away from the fence. This means that beyond general cleaning, the only real form of maintenance that you need to perform on your wooden fence is the application of a new coat of stain every year or so, depending on the severity of the weather conditions that your wooden fence experiences.

3. Affordability

Finally, one of the key advantages of choosing to use wood as a fencing material over other types of fencing material is that it comes in a wide range of different price points. This means that you will be able to fit a wooden fence into your budget no matter what you are looking for: budget options include pressure treated pine, while more expensive exotic hardwoods can be used to provide a unique appearance to your yard and garden. 

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