Advantages Of Choosing A Plywood Fence For Your Yard

27 September 2016
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When it comes time to hire a fence contractor and discuss some fencing solutions for your yard, it's important to take your time to ensure that you select a fencing style that will prove advantageous in a number of different ways. If you have a general idea, your contractor will be able to talk to you about its feasibility and how it will look on your property, as well as share with you the particular benefits of that type of fencing. Plywood can be the foundation for a fence that meets your criteria — and provides you with plenty of advantages, including these.


Although the price that your fence contractor will quote you for a plywood fence depends on a number of criteria, this is generally an affordable material with which to build your fence. The sheets of plywood that would be needed to fence the perimeter of your yard would not cost nearly as much as a different type of wood, such as cedar boards. This can be ideal if you have a considerable amount of space that you want fenced, or you're simply on a tight budget for the project.


Another key advantage of going the route of a plywood fence is that it provides you with an impressive level of privacy. Simply put, people will not be able to look through your fence from outside your yard. This can be a desirable alternative to a traditional wood fence made of planks, for example. In the latter style, the planks are commonly mounted in a staggered pattern, which means that people can see into your yard if they position themselves at a certain angle. Whether you enjoy swimming or sunbathing, or simply want to feel unseen in your yard, a plywood fence can address your needs.

Ease For Dressing It Up

Granted, a plywood fence on its own might not be the most visually engaging type of fence. However, you can dress up the look of the fence in a number of ways that are easy to execute and don't have to cost much money. Instead of having a flat top across the fence, ask your fence contractor to talk to you about the available lattice options; you should have no trouble finding a pattern that adds a little more visual appeal to the fence. If you want to make a positive change on your own, plant some climbing vines along the base on the fence. In time, they'll grow up the wood and add a nice focal point to your yard.

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