Three Advantages Of Redwood Fencing

19 November 2018
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Wooden fences provide a natural aesthetic to your yard, while also fulfilling the practical functions of acting as a barrier or screen around your property. However, different types of wood will provide different aesthetics and practical benefits when used for fences. Redwood is an uncommon and unique type of lumber that, as its name would suggest, carries a natural reddish hue with it. However, beyond the unique coloring associated with redwood, it also carries a few distinctive natural qualities. Understanding what those qualities are, and how they are advantageous, can help you decide if redwood is the right lumber choice for your yard's fencing.

Weather Resistance

One of the largest advantages associated with choosing to install redwood fencing in your yard is the fact that redwood is naturally resistant to all sorts of weather related damage that can easily affect other types of lumber. For example, redwood is naturally resistant to UV radiation, which means that you will not see the coloring of your fence fade over time. Further, redwood is highly resistant to moisture exposure as well, and will not rot, warp, crack, twist or otherwise structurally change shape as other types of wood will, increasing the overall lifespan of your fencing.

Pest Resistance

Another key advantage of choosing redwood over other types of lumber for your fence is the fact that redwood possesses natural oils that makes it resistant to pest damage. This is especially important because other types of wood can become susceptible to termite and carpenter ant damage, which will actually undermine the structural stability of your fence posts and boards and make it more likely that you will have to replace individual sections of your fence in the future.

Aesthetic Appeal

Finally, the last important benefit of choosing redwood over other types of wood for your yard's fencing is the fact that redwood provides a unique appearance that other types of wood simply cannot match. As its name would suggest, redwood comes with a natural dark red or orange hue that can be preserved by simply applying a clearcoat of stain – which means that you don't have to regularly paint your fence. This provides a bright yet natural coloring to your yard. Further, redwood comes in multiple grades – purchasing a higher grade of wood can allow you to get fencing boards and posts that are free of knots, creating a smooth and uniform appearance for your fence. 

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