Tips For Opening A Dog Boarding Service

7 January 2019
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Dogs are often loved by their owners to the extent of being treated like they are children. In order to keep their pets safe and healthy, many owners need services that are similar to taking care of a child. For instance, when the pet owners want to travel, they are sometimes in need of a trustworthy person to keep their pets until they return. Due to it being difficult to find pet sitters, opening up a boarding service is a great business venture to consider if you love dogs. If you are interested in opening your own boarding service, continue reading this article for helpful tips.

Find a Building with an Open Floor Plan

When you venture out to rent or buy a building for your dog boarding service, try to find one that has an open floor plan. You might even want to focus your search on finding a warehouse, as they are usually large with open floor plans. The reason why an open floor plan is ideal for a dog boarding service is so you can place as many pets in one room as possible. You will then be able to keep an eye on them in an easier manner. Just make sure that certain breeds are placed in their own designated section, such as if they are known for not being compatible with other breeds.

Get a Commercial Chain Link Fence Installed

It is important to install a fence of a commercial grade around the perimeter of your property. Eve if you keep the dogs on the inside of the building, you must also keep in mind that they will need time to play outside as well. A great fence to prevent the dogs from escaping from your properly is one that is chain linked. One of the reasons why commercial chain link fencing is a good investment is because it will not be expensive to get installed by a professional, as it doesn't require a substantial amount of labor. The dogs will also have the ability to see through the fence, which might make them feel less confined to property grounds and more comfortable.

Purchase Equipment & Supplies

Unless you require that owner bring their own kennels, it is important to purchase a supply of them. You might want to stock up on the kennels and allow dog owners to rent them based on how much space they want their pets to have during the time they are in your care. You will also need to stock up on pet food, grooming products, and anything else that gives you the ability to provide high quality services.